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Happy Residents


We strive to design, develop, build, and maintain some of the best homes, condos, and apartments in the Pittsburgh area. We are a leader among home-builders everywhere.


Find your next home with us here at Duckstein Properties, LLC, a dynamic residential property management company serving the greater Pittsburgh area.


Family owned and operated since 2005, Duckstein Properties offers a refreshingly unique blend of personal attention and experienced professionalism that our residents love. We go above and beyond your average property management company to care for our tenants and buyers alike.


A Name You Know. Quality You Can Trust.

With over 40 years in the industry as one of Pittsburgh’s leading construction services companies, Duckstein is a name that has been trusted by multiple generations. The workmanship and quality of materials that go into each inch of our homes are simply second-to-none in this price range. Duckstein started in 1973 as a restoration company and genuinely understands how a good home (and how a bad home) is built. Duckstein Properties leverages the experience and relationships of the founding vertical team and delivers homes that are designed to last, providing surprising beauty and design usually found only in luxury homes.


Our 60+ properties in the Pittsburgh area demonstrate our commitment to higher-quality homes that facilitate a higher-quality lifestyle. Life is so very short and precious, and the idea is that you should enjoy each moment Delivering on our reputation means that we’re building the finest homes you can find for the price you are looking for.


Unlike other property companies, Duckstein Properties is a sister company to Duckstein Restoration, one of Pittsburgh’s leading restoration companies. That means that when we build our properties, we draw upon decades of company experience in restoring homes. Our homes are built to better stand up to damage, use higher-quality materials, and deliver a living experience second-to-none.


As part of the Duckstein family of companies, our properties division draws upon 40+ years of restoration and construction experience as Pittsburgh’s best and longest-standing damage restoration company.


We believe the best homes are the ones that you don’t have to worry about. By choosing Duckstein Properties, you are able to enjoy the peace-of-mind that is guaranteed with each of our homes.


All of our Pittsburgh-area rental units and homes are designed with you in mind. Careful planning goes into selecting layouts and amenities designed to simplify the way that you live your life. This means that you can spend more time doing the things you love and less time worrying about your home.


We recognize that everyone who rents or purchases from Duckstein Properties is an individual. We look to treat everyone with the utmost respect and kindness throughout the longevity of our relationship.


When it comes to our homes, we design not just a complete living experience, but also a luxurious one by paying close attention to each and every detail while also delivering an affordable price point.


After nearly four decades in the restoration industry, we've re-built a home or two. Now, we take what we’ve learned and built durable luxury homes that will last through generations.