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About Us

Welcome to Duckstein Properties! We strive to design, develop, build, and maintain some of the best homes, condos, and apartments in the Pittsburgh area. We are a leader among home-builders everywhere.

Family owned and operated since 2005

Dynamic residential property management company

Unique blend of personal attention and experience

Above and beyond your average management company

Elevated living around Robinson Township

We offer an illustrious variety of homes in and around Kennedy & Robinson Township! With full amenities, spacious floors plans and luxurious finishes, we invite you to browse what we offer and learn more about why resident’s love living in our properties!

Why Residents Choose Us

Being a family-owned business, our tenants rely on our professional expertise, reliable maintenance services, and legal compliance along with our superior time and availability. By entrusting us, residents can experience a worry-free and reliable rental experience.

Explore Your New Community

Embrace the start of your exciting new chapter, as we hope that you take the time to discover all the wonderful opportunities that await you in your new community. With so many nearby places to explore, from bustling downtown districts to serene parks, there is truly something for everyone to enjoy.

Our Properties

With a vast selection of different styles and locations, guaranteed, you will find the perfect fit for your needs. Whether you are searching for your dream home, your first apartment, or a vacation rental, we have it all!


"We've been dealing with Duckstein Properties for 2 1/2 yrs. Management AND staff have ALWAYS been courteous, ALWAYS been prompt and ALWAYS been professional. Highly recommend this organization."


"I am coming up on a year of living with Duckstein Properties and I can't say enough good things about my experience so far. Anytime I have had any question they are great at responding and getting things fixed right away."


"Great locations, very reasonably priced rent. Excellent response to any problems, day or night. Great regular maintenance. Overall, just a wonderful company to rent from. Couldn’t ask for much better!"


Your home is your haven, which is why we take the time to keep you informed of all the latest updates and improvements to help make your new home even more special.

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